Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason 53

Pacifica Fog Cutter Cocktail Drink:

Pacifica is also unique in having a cocktail that truly reflects our Pacifica coastal
environment. It is called the Pacifica Fog Cutter.

The ingredients are as follows:

Fill a Rocks Glass with ice
Add 1 oz. of light Rum
Add 1 oz. of Midori
Fill with 7up
A Splash of Sweet and Sour
Float on top Slow Gin

The way that the ingredients above reflect our Pacifica coastal envirironment is as follows:

The Ice... reflects our rocky coast
The Rum... reflects our crystal clear skies
The Midori...reflects our rolling green hills
The 7up... reflects our ocean spray
The Sweet and Sour... reflects the fog
The Slow Gin.... reflects our beautiful sunsets

Here is a bartender option:

Add Dry Ice at the bottom of the glass.. and Shaved ice on Top...... to reflect the fog coming in

How do you like your sunset cocktail?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reason 52

The Pacifica Fog!

If you live in Pacifica, you really get to love the fog!

Fog is a natural part of our beautiful coastal climate; where we have extremely clean ocean air to breathe, moderate temperatures, sunshiny days, and a natural offshore breeze that provides climatic air conditioning.

When you live in Pacifica, you get to see all of the many aspects of the fog. First when you drive up Highway 280 from San Mateo towards Pacifica, you will see the fog drifting over the mountain, looking like cotton candy. Next, on some mornings, driving up Highway 1, as you crest the top of the hill at Skyline, you can see above the fog canopy, that covers part of San Francisco and Daly City below, for a spectacular view, only seen here.

You also get to appreciate the fog, since it provides a break in the monotony, that every day of sunshine would bring. Fog also reminds you to truly appreciate sunny days, and to always make sure that you get them most out of every wonderful sunny day we have here at the beach! This creates a true spirit of existential enjoyment of Pacifica's beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, scenic mountains, and unbelievable sunsets.

Fog symbolizes to us the constant change both in our environment, and in our daily lives. We don't just get seasonal climate changes, we get daily climate changes!

Halloween is an example of how fog makes things even more fun. Nothing is more exciting, than going trick-or-treating, in the fog, among all of the massively decorated homes in Pacifica, that take spooky to the extreme!

The fog also allows Pacificans to develop our sense of humor about our foggy reputation. There is even a contest that occurs during the Pacifica Fog Fest. Over the years, meteorologists and weathercasters have given the title of, Fog Capital of the Pacific Coast , to many other coastal cities, during the Pacifica Fog Fest. In 1997, it was Pacific Grove, CA, in 1988 it was Montara, in 1989 it was Arcata, CA, in 1990, it was Juneau, Alaska, and in 1991 it went to Gleneden Beach in Oregon.

If you live in Pacifica, you will begin to look at fog in many new ways, and always appreciate it's beauty and purpose.

Why do you love the fog in Pacifica?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reason 51

The Pacifica Fog Fest !!

Happy 25th aniversary!! It is on Saturday and Sunday Sept 25th and September 26th from 9-5.

It all starts with the Discover Pacifica Parade to kick off the Fog fest and to celebrate the wonders that are Pacifica.

Here are some of the Traditions that have been celebrated, over the years:

Photo Contest- Your favorite scenes of of our lovely Pacifica coastal environment.
Fog Horn Contest- A contest to "call in the fog"
Fog Bank Contest- You guess the number of cotton balls that create coastal fog
Fog Jog- early Sunday morning 5K Run
Famous Fog Cutter Drink Contest- Coastside bartenders can create their best fog cutter drink
Classic Car Show-All the most beautiful vintage cars along the coast
Sand Castle Design Contest- To see who can create the most beautiful sand castle design.

Have fun!!