Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reason 48

Going Skateboarding at our Pacifica SkatePark:

The Pacifica SkatePark is open (M-Sat 9AM-Sunset, Sun 10:30AM-Sunset).

Today is the Pacifica SkatePark Contest ( 10am-Sunset).
There are prizes given today for skateboarding contestants in all catagorizes. The masters event will be around 2PM.

For more information:

Go to

For Skateboarding Equipment:

Log Shop Surf & Skate in Pacifica 650-738-5664
NorCal Surf Shop in Pacifica 650-738-9283

Have fun!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Reason 47

Going to SeaBowl for an extreme evening of "Astro Bowl":

"Astro Bowl", occurs on every Friday night (from 10PM-12:30AM) at SeaBowl in Pacifica. It is extreme fun taken to a new level........... They have a DJ , who plays music,...a light show, the pins are Day Glo, and it is an experience of colors, sound, music, partying, and bowling all rolled together.

Where on earth can you first, .....hang out at Rockaway Beach,..then walk accross the street to a Bowling Alley, the Beach,...that is this much fun !!!

Santa Cruz and Pismo Beach, have a Bowling Alley at the Beach, BUT... they dont
have "Astro bowl" !!!

Yeahhh Pacifica......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reason 46

Going to the wonderful outdoor Archery range in Pacifica:

I love to go to the range and practice my archery skills, and walk through the most beautiful outdoor range par course through the hills in Pacifica. The scenery that you will see, as you are walking, either the "white range" or the "red range",...... is amazing!

San Francisco Archers is a nonprofit organization that promotes archery at all levels of ability and age. The Club is run by volunteer officers that are elected annually by the membership. San Francisco Archers was founded in 1946. San Francisco Archers has over 170 active members.

The Club is open to the public everyday. There is a fee for non-members, adults are $5.00 and children under 13 are admitted free of charge.

Go to:

See Pictures at:

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reason 45

Going Crabbing... from the Pacifica Pier:

The season for getting Dungeness Crab on the Pacifica Pier,.. is from Nov 15-June 30th..
BUT.... you can also go Crabbing for Rock Crab.. ALL YEAR LONG!!

Dungeness Crab- are light brown in color with White Tipped Pincers. They are bigger and more meatier. During the season,... the minimum size is 6 and 1/4 inches. They are usually 7-9 inches when caught.

Rock Crab- are dark reb brown/or yellow with Black Tipped Pincers. The minimun size is 4 inches.



-A mesh box with snares OR
-Crab Ring 42" circle

Bait: (Squid)

In Pacifica:
Call Marque at Coastside #2 Bait and Tackle OR
Call Cheryl at Rusty Hook Bait and Tackle

Have Fun !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reason 44

Going Salmon Fishing on the Pacifica Pier.

Pacifica, has a long tradition of having some of the BEST fishing for Salmon, from our Pacifica Pier.

A Little Bit of Salmon Fishing History in Pacifica:

It was July 26th 1995..and the Chinook, or King salmon, took Pacifica by storm in record numbers. 1995 was one of the best seasons in 50 or 60 years.

It’s a pilgrimage that began each day at dawn and continued until dusk. Fisherman came to Pacifica, this quiet coastal city, from such places as Modesto, Stockton, San Jose, Sacramento and nearby San Francisco. Young and old, they come from all walks of life to partake of what had become a ritual: fishing for salmon on what must be the world’s busiest pier.

Fisherman packed the pier like sardines: hundreds upon hundreds of them, standing shoulder to shoulder. Those arriving late try to nudge their way to a spot on the rail. Those who can’t find a spot bide their time waiting for one to open, watching the salmon, and the occasional striped bass, come over the rail in a net. On the Pacifica Pier, more than 1,000 salmon were caught in a single day, the most ever recorded.

Fishing poles, long and short, fat and thin, old and new, protrude from the rails like quills from a porcupine, weaving a sometimes tangled web of monofilament down into the greenish sea. Salmon floats, small foam balls, markers above the baits, bob on the surface like pastel and neon polka dots.

In July 1995, the whole fishing scenario, had been reported by local newspapers and TV stations, attracting even more people. It’s a wonder the Pacifica Pier, about 120 yards long and 30 feet wide, is still standing. People saw it on TV, heard about it, and more and more people came just to see for themselves.

Cheryl, from the Rusty Hook Bait and Tackle Shop, was located at the end of the Pacifica Pier and she remembers.."Oh.. what a year that was" !!!!!

Each year’s class has its own history, so to speak, and it varies from year to year.

Have fun this year!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reason 43

Going Fishing for Striped Bass at Sharp Park Beach and the Pacifica Pier:

July is a great month to go Striped Bass shore fishing in Pacifica. Pacifica is actually the BEST place on the West Coast to go Striped Bass Fishing!!!

Places to Go:

1) Sharp Park Beach- You can go anywhere South of the Pacifica Pier along the beach.
BE VERY CAREFUL of the RipTides!!!

2) Pacifica Pier: Pier opens 4AM until 10PM

3) Muscle Rock (Long hike down to the beach on either side)

4) The Point at Hidden Cove( around the point from Linda Mar Beach) ( by Ocean Cayak)

Equipment: All you need is a 10' Rod and Reel Ocean Surf Combo, hooks and sinkers

Lures: Top Water Lures, Shallow Diver Lures, Sandy Bottom Lures, Deep Water Lures

Live Bait: Worms and Anchovies

There are 2 great Fish and Tackle stores to visit down the street from the Pacifica Pieri:

Rusty Hook Bait and Tackle: Cheryl... will "Hook you Up" with advice and gear
Coastside #2 Bait and Tackle: Marque.. will "Hook you Up" with advice and gear


Fishing is an ART not a science !!

Quote: "It is always better to teach a man how to fish.. than to give him a fish"

I'll bet that also applies to our Federal Bailout Program!!!

Have Fun!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reason 42

The Montara Mountain Trail at the San Pedro Valley County Park.

This is a long hike ( 5.0 miles ...ONE WAY ) that goes all the way up the mountain then down to Montara State Beach. Give yourself at least 4-5 hours to finish the hike !

We have found that it is much easier is to take 2 cars. First we drive both cars approximatly (3.8 miles South from the Linda Mar light on Highway 1 ) to the SECOND parking lot turnoff (Grey Whale Trail/McNee Ranch) ,ON THE LEFT side of the highway. Make sure that you go PAST the first big parking lot...(remember to go all the way to the much smaller 2nd parking lot on the left (that is around .8miles ) AFTER the bigger parking lot ( It is a bit confusing since both parking lots are called Montara State Beach/McNee Ranch. We park 1 car there, then we drive back (3.8 miles) to Pacifica and turn right on Linda Mar Blvd, and go all the way back(1.2 miles) , to San Pedro Valley County Park and park there.

We usually begin our hike around 10AM at San Pedro Park at the Montara Mountain Trailhead, at the parking lot. You follow the trail up a long uphill hike up to the Montara Mountain overpass (2.1 miles to the summit),.. from there you meet up with the North Peak Access Road, you can either go Left and UP even higher (1.4 miles) to the mountain summit at 1878 feet OR you can go Right and DOWN the North Peak Access Road (2.5 miles) to the parking lot at McNee Ranch. By this time it is around 3PM. Believe me, you will really appreciate having your car there, to get in to drive back to San Pedro Valley Park afterwards!!!

On this long hike you will see Red Tail hawks, turkey vultures, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, ....and maybe a... mountain lion. There are many varieties of mountain chaparral native plants as well........AND there are great vistas of ocean views to see from the mountain top. It is really beautiful and well worth the workout.

Make sure that you bring good hiking boots, water, food, jacket(as it may get windy), and a hiking stick. I never really used a hiking stick before until I realized how steep the North Peak Access Road coming down the mountain was!! The hiking stick actually allows you to cushion the steepness of the downgrade. Always let someone know that you are hiking that trail. The Montara side closes at sunset. The gates close at San Perdo Park at 8PM !

For more information you can call 650-726-8819

Have a great trip!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reason 41

The Hazelnut Trail for hiking in the San Pardo Valley County Park.

This is a beautiful long hike (round trip it is 4.8 miles ). You start at the San Pedro Valley Visitor Center and begin the hike at Plaskon Nature Trail entrance (.1 ) .... from there it leads you to the entrance of the Hazelnut Trial , ..... you then follow the long looping trail ( 3.7 total miles)... all the way up the hill to see beautiful views of the untouched surrounding park hills and vistas on top of the mountain, and then you continue all the way down the backside of the mountain to the bottom of the trail .. this will feed you into the Weiler Ranch Trail.. which is a flat trail (1 mile) ...back to the Vistor Center.

This is a great hike to keep you in shape, see outstanding scenery, see local wildlife, and relax, ...all at the same time!!!

Have fun!!!

Reason 40

I really love to go on hikes at San Pedro Valley County Park.

To get there;... take Highway 1 South to the light at Linda Mar Blvd, and turn left. Stay on Linda Mar Blvd all the way back , then turn right at Oddstad Blvd, (they are at 600 Oddstad). The park gates are open every day from 8AM and the gates close at 8PM. The Visitor Center is open 10AM-4PM Saturday,Sunday and Holidays (650-355-8289 ). There is a volunteer program for trail maintenance (They meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9AM, contact

There are several wonderful hiking trails in the park such as: Plaskon Nature Trial, Old Trout Farm Loop Trial, Weiler Ranch Trial, Valley View Trial, Hazelnut Trail, Brooks Creek Trail Loop, and Montara Mountain Trail.

There is also a "Friends of San Pedro Park" Newsletter. You can email :

I will give you some of our favorite hikes.... in upcoming reasons.

Have fun!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reason 39

There are alot of wonderful hikes to take all around Pacifica! There are even stroller hikes to take for all the parents that are doing double duty while trying to stay in shape.

One of our favorite stroller hikes is from the back of Vallemar. You hike along Reina del Mar towards the ocean. Cross Highway 1 at the Reina del Mar light. Go right along the walkway until you see the Mori Point Trailhead. Turn left at Mooselodge Road and then hike into Mori Point. You can go either straight back to the ocean and then hike along the path to the pier, OR you can go up the Trail to the top of Mori Point for a beautiful view of the Ocean and the Farralon Islands.

All this while you a pushing a stroller!! Only in Pacifica!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reason 38

Pacifica has some of the Best bike trips! You can go to the beach and around Mori Point. You can also go up to Sweeney Ridge!

Here is a good starting point:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Reason 37

Today, July 5th, from the last day you can light your "Safe and Sane" fireworks in Pacifica!

You can light your fireworks on your property OR at Linda Mar Beach and Rockaway Beach!

Have fun!!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reason 36

The best view from the hill, of the Pacifica ON THE BEACH Fireworks on 4th of July is on Roberts Road. You can see all the different fireworks displayed by everyone at the beach. Go to Linda Mar Beach or Rockaway Beach for all the excitement! The only beaches that allow "Safe and Sane" fireworks in Pacifica... is Linda Mar Beach and Rockaway Beach!

As a side note: The large Public Fireworks Show at Princeton Harbor tonight HAS BEEN CANCELLED !

If you want to see a large Fireworks Show tonight on the 4th of July, here is the list:

1) Foster City Fireworks (tonight at 9PM)
2) San Francisco Fireworks (Behind the Ferry Building at 9PM)
3) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Fireworks (Vallejo)
4) Hercules Fireworks (on the Waterfront)
5) Martinez Fireworks (on the Waterfront)
6) Benicia Fireworks (on the Waterfront)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reason 35

The Pacifica Moose Lodge Fireworks Booth for 4th of July.

Come and visit their Fireworks Booth … purchase "safe and sane" fireworks. “Safe and Sane” fireworks carry a state fire marshal's seal and do not explode, fly or burn excessively hot. They are legal on private property in Pacifica, and ON THE BEACH at Linda Mar Beach and Rockaway Beach.

The Pacifica Moose Lodge Family Center is a wonderful place to take your family.
They have “Steak Night” every Thursday at 6PM, and they have “Family Dinner”
every Friday at 6PM. Come and join them this 4th of July weekend !

They are located on Highway 1 at Mooselodge Rd/Mori Point trailhead (just befor the traffic light at Reina del Mar).

Reason 34

4th of July 2010, 36th Annual Celebration in Pacifica!

Come celebrate the 4th of July, Sunday July 4th from 11AM to 4PM at
Frontierland Park in Pacifica (Yosemite Dr, at Humboldt Ct).

There will be Live Music, Mayor's speech, Rotary Club Dog show, Dance and Martial Arts Demos, Face Painting, Puppets and Balloons, Hair Coloring, Temporary Tattoos, Water Balloon Toss,Rope Pull, Parachute Games, Crazy Relays, Sack Races, Watermelon-eating contest, Really Tasty food, Cotton Candy, Crafts Booths, and more!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Reason 33

Fireworks for the 4th of July!!

Pacifica is the ONLY place ON THE COAST, where you can light your firecrackers ON THE BEACH.

It is called "Safe and Sane", and you can light off fireworks from June 29th until July 5th from
9AM till 11PM at Linda Mar Beach or Rockaway Beach!

Reason 32

Here are some great places to eat in Pacifica See this site at

Reason 31

I love biking near Vallemar.
See some pictures at

Reason 30

In Vallemar, we have the BEST Barbeque called "Gorilla Barbeque"
See them at

Reason 29

In Vallemar we have an incredible school, called Vallemar School.
See them at

Reason 28

I love pictures about Vallemar.
See them at

Reason 27

I appreciate our Vallemar neighborhood see

Reason 26

I appreciate the free spirited political discussions from Pacifica Fogg at

Reason 25

I love what "Pacificans Care" are doing in Pacifica. See them at

Reason 24

I appreciate all the great work that our Pacifica Fire Department does for our community.

Go to their June 30th event at "the Back of the Valley-Park Mall" from 6Pm-9PM, called Hearts on Fire" !!

Reason 23

I love to take a Segway Tour in Pacifica, see them at

Reason 22

I love to follow what events are occurring in Pacifica by following the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce blog at:

Reason 21

I like to watch the Pacifica Spindrift Players perform.
See their website at for upcoming

Reason 20

I get all my good tips on places to visit, from my neighbor Claren.

One day when it was raining, I remembered that Claren told us about taking a road trip from Lancaster to Palmdale to see all of the beautiful wildflowers along the road. We did that road trip that she suggested,... the sun came up... and the... wildflowers were unbelievable!

Thanks Claren !

Reason 19

I remember going over to my good friend, Terrie' s house, in Linda Mar, and practicing martial arts in his garage, when he lived in Pacifica.

Thanks Terrie !

Reason 18

We love the wild deer in Vallemar.

Very early one morning, my neighbor took a picture of a "5 Point Buck" just grazing on my lawn, in front of my steps to the house.

Reason 17

Vallemar has a strong neighborhood community spirit. There is a very strong movement here in Vallemar, to "Save Our Palm Trees".

Please go to to support the cause !

Reason 16

Lou, is our mailman. He and I have talked about all sorts of things over the years.

He is a great guy and an excellent mailman.

Thanks Lou !

Reason 15

Elmo is a neighbor of mine who lives about 2 blocks from me in Vallemar. Elmo and I go back a long time. We both use to train martial arts toghether. I see Elmo always exercising and walking around the Vallemar creek. It's nice when he comes over to say hello.

Hey Elmo, let's start training escrima again!

Reason 14

I always enjoyed enjoyed watching Randy build his house up the block. Sometimes Randy would share with me some tips on how to design a room addtition.

Thanks Randy !

Reason 13

I always like to see my neighbor Dewey, as he drives by in the morning. He always smiles and waves.

Thanks Dewey !

Reason 12

I like to see my neighbor Sharon, walking her dog around the neighborhood. Since Shraron was a school principal, we often talk about what issues are facing teachers these days. Sharon gave my daughter Gretchen, some good advice about working as a special education teacher in our local Pacifica school district.

Thanks Sharon !

Reason 11

Sometimes when I am in my backyard, I hear a neighbor, Colleen,
playing her piano. It really sounds peaceful,.... and I really like that.

Thanks Colleen !!

Reason 10

Every time I walk to the beach from my house, I think about my daughter, Caitlin, who now lives in Hawaii.

I remember going to so many swim meets at Oceana Pool, as a proud Pacifica "Sea Lion" parent . I loved to watch her swim "like a dolphin" . Now she is an underwater scientific reasearch diver.

Caitlin...I... am always thinking about you!

Reason 9

My daughter Gretchen, lives down the block, and she always walks over to see me, just to say hello.

I still remember, when she was a little girl,.... going to the "Alternative School" in Pacifica, or swimming on the Pacifica "Sea Lions".... and now she's all grown up.

Gretchen.... you always make my day !

Reason 8

My neighbors Don and Sasha and their family, live down the block in Vallemar, and they are so nice !

I really enjoy talking to Don about Hunting and about Diesel Trucks. He always gives me some great ideas !!

Last week, their kids made me some unbelievable fresh lemonade !

Thanks !!!

Reason 7

I have another Vallemar neighborhood story.

One day, my neighbor Jerome, is driving by, and he sees me loading some large tree branches in my truck.

Out of the blue...He says.."I can help you, by putting these branches in my chipper".

Thanks Jerome !

Reason 6

My wife Elma is an RN, and she really loves to care for her patients. Sometimes she will walk from our home in Vallemar, to visit an elderly patient, right in our neighborhood.

It is nice to see her smiling so brightly,as she walks back home, after visiting her patient.

I am really proud of you Elma !

Reason 5

My best friend Denny, lives only a few blocks from me in Vallemar, so I like to walk over to his house to say hello.

One time Denny...just gave me.... 20 beautiful large iris plants, from his garden to, so that I could place them in my yard.

Thanks Denny !

Reason 4

My neighbor Dave accross the street, always gives me tips on how to get rid of gophers.

Thanks Dave.!

Reason 3

I have another Vallemar story.

Once while we were on Vacation, I forgot something. So I called my best friend and neighbor Denny, and asked him to go into the house, and then send it to me.

My other neighbor Mike, saw a person, he didnt' know, going to my house, so he called me.

I introduced them, while I was on the phone. Now their friends!

Reason 2

I have a great Vallemar neighborhood story.

One morning, I noticed that our Van had a flat tire. Later, when I got home, I noticed that the tire was no longer flat.

Wow,... I wondered how did that happen? I asked my neighbor, and......John accross the street said... "I noticed your tire was flat so I filled up"

John, you are "THE MAN" !

Now that is cool !

365 Reasons we love Pacifica CA

Reason 1:

What I love about my Vallemar neighborhood, is that all my neighbors are so nice. All of my neighbors, smile, wave as they go by, and are really a pleasure to talk to!