Monday, September 27, 2010

Reason 53

Pacifica Fog Cutter Cocktail Drink:

Pacifica is also unique in having a cocktail that truly reflects our Pacifica coastal
environment. It is called the Pacifica Fog Cutter.

The ingredients are as follows:

Fill a Rocks Glass with ice
Add 1 oz. of light Rum
Add 1 oz. of Midori
Fill with 7up
A Splash of Sweet and Sour
Float on top Slow Gin

The way that the ingredients above reflect our Pacifica coastal envirironment is as follows:

The Ice... reflects our rocky coast
The Rum... reflects our crystal clear skies
The Midori...reflects our rolling green hills
The 7up... reflects our ocean spray
The Sweet and Sour... reflects the fog
The Slow Gin.... reflects our beautiful sunsets

Here is a bartender option:

Add Dry Ice at the bottom of the glass.. and Shaved ice on Top...... to reflect the fog coming in

How do you like your sunset cocktail?

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