Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reason 51

The Pacifica Fog Fest !!

Happy 25th aniversary!! It is on Saturday and Sunday Sept 25th and September 26th from 9-5.

It all starts with the Discover Pacifica Parade to kick off the Fog fest and to celebrate the wonders that are Pacifica.

Here are some of the Traditions that have been celebrated, over the years:

Photo Contest- Your favorite scenes of of our lovely Pacifica coastal environment.
Fog Horn Contest- A contest to "call in the fog"
Fog Bank Contest- You guess the number of cotton balls that create coastal fog
Fog Jog- early Sunday morning 5K Run
Famous Fog Cutter Drink Contest- Coastside bartenders can create their best fog cutter drink
Classic Car Show-All the most beautiful vintage cars along the coast
Sand Castle Design Contest- To see who can create the most beautiful sand castle design.

Have fun!!

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