Friday, July 30, 2010

Reason 47

Going to SeaBowl for an extreme evening of "Astro Bowl":

"Astro Bowl", occurs on every Friday night (from 10PM-12:30AM) at SeaBowl in Pacifica. It is extreme fun taken to a new level........... They have a DJ , who plays music,...a light show, the pins are Day Glo, and it is an experience of colors, sound, music, partying, and bowling all rolled together.

Where on earth can you first, .....hang out at Rockaway Beach,..then walk accross the street to a Bowling Alley, the Beach,...that is this much fun !!!

Santa Cruz and Pismo Beach, have a Bowling Alley at the Beach, BUT... they dont
have "Astro bowl" !!!

Yeahhh Pacifica......

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