Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reason 44

Going Salmon Fishing on the Pacifica Pier.

Pacifica, has a long tradition of having some of the BEST fishing for Salmon, from our Pacifica Pier.

A Little Bit of Salmon Fishing History in Pacifica:

It was July 26th 1995..and the Chinook, or King salmon, took Pacifica by storm in record numbers. 1995 was one of the best seasons in 50 or 60 years.

It’s a pilgrimage that began each day at dawn and continued until dusk. Fisherman came to Pacifica, this quiet coastal city, from such places as Modesto, Stockton, San Jose, Sacramento and nearby San Francisco. Young and old, they come from all walks of life to partake of what had become a ritual: fishing for salmon on what must be the world’s busiest pier.

Fisherman packed the pier like sardines: hundreds upon hundreds of them, standing shoulder to shoulder. Those arriving late try to nudge their way to a spot on the rail. Those who can’t find a spot bide their time waiting for one to open, watching the salmon, and the occasional striped bass, come over the rail in a net. On the Pacifica Pier, more than 1,000 salmon were caught in a single day, the most ever recorded.

Fishing poles, long and short, fat and thin, old and new, protrude from the rails like quills from a porcupine, weaving a sometimes tangled web of monofilament down into the greenish sea. Salmon floats, small foam balls, markers above the baits, bob on the surface like pastel and neon polka dots.

In July 1995, the whole fishing scenario, had been reported by local newspapers and TV stations, attracting even more people. It’s a wonder the Pacifica Pier, about 120 yards long and 30 feet wide, is still standing. People saw it on TV, heard about it, and more and more people came just to see for themselves.

Cheryl, from the Rusty Hook Bait and Tackle Shop, was located at the end of the Pacifica Pier and she remembers.."Oh.. what a year that was" !!!!!

Each year’s class has its own history, so to speak, and it varies from year to year.

Have fun this year!!!

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