Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reason 43

Going Fishing for Striped Bass at Sharp Park Beach and the Pacifica Pier:

July is a great month to go Striped Bass shore fishing in Pacifica. Pacifica is actually the BEST place on the West Coast to go Striped Bass Fishing!!!

Places to Go:

1) Sharp Park Beach- You can go anywhere South of the Pacifica Pier along the beach.
BE VERY CAREFUL of the RipTides!!!

2) Pacifica Pier: Pier opens 4AM until 10PM

3) Muscle Rock (Long hike down to the beach on either side)

4) The Point at Hidden Cove( around the point from Linda Mar Beach) ( by Ocean Cayak)

Equipment: All you need is a 10' Rod and Reel Ocean Surf Combo, hooks and sinkers

Lures: Top Water Lures, Shallow Diver Lures, Sandy Bottom Lures, Deep Water Lures

Live Bait: Worms and Anchovies

There are 2 great Fish and Tackle stores to visit down the street from the Pacifica Pieri:

Rusty Hook Bait and Tackle: Cheryl... will "Hook you Up" with advice and gear
Coastside #2 Bait and Tackle: Marque.. will "Hook you Up" with advice and gear


Fishing is an ART not a science !!

Quote: "It is always better to teach a man how to fish.. than to give him a fish"

I'll bet that also applies to our Federal Bailout Program!!!

Have Fun!!

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