Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reason 39

There are alot of wonderful hikes to take all around Pacifica! There are even stroller hikes to take for all the parents that are doing double duty while trying to stay in shape.

One of our favorite stroller hikes is from the back of Vallemar. You hike along Reina del Mar towards the ocean. Cross Highway 1 at the Reina del Mar light. Go right along the walkway until you see the Mori Point Trailhead. Turn left at Mooselodge Road and then hike into Mori Point. You can go either straight back to the ocean and then hike along the path to the pier, OR you can go up the Trail to the top of Mori Point for a beautiful view of the Ocean and the Farralon Islands.

All this while you a pushing a stroller!! Only in Pacifica!!!!

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  1. Gotta give that one a try! We love the back of the valley (near St. Peter's Church.)