Friday, July 16, 2010

Reason 41

The Hazelnut Trail for hiking in the San Pardo Valley County Park.

This is a beautiful long hike (round trip it is 4.8 miles ). You start at the San Pedro Valley Visitor Center and begin the hike at Plaskon Nature Trail entrance (.1 ) .... from there it leads you to the entrance of the Hazelnut Trial , ..... you then follow the long looping trail ( 3.7 total miles)... all the way up the hill to see beautiful views of the untouched surrounding park hills and vistas on top of the mountain, and then you continue all the way down the backside of the mountain to the bottom of the trail .. this will feed you into the Weiler Ranch Trail.. which is a flat trail (1 mile) ...back to the Vistor Center.

This is a great hike to keep you in shape, see outstanding scenery, see local wildlife, and relax, ...all at the same time!!!

Have fun!!!

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